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Print Contessa Meals coupon, no registration required!

Here is a $1 printable Contessa Meals coupon, no registration required!  It’s a busy week,  so give yourself a break with a quick 10 minute meal.

Their company sent me a free sample of their product, so of course I appreciated that–no cooking!  But I don’t always like frozen meals so I was a little skeptical.  As it turned out, the meal was delicious, and when I asked them for more information, I understand why–they are healthy.  Here are details:

·  18 unique, world cuisine-inspired flavors

·  Simple to prepare in ten minutes at home

·  No msg

·  No trans-fat

·  No artificial colors or flavors

·  No preservatives

·  Minimally processed

·  Multiple gluten-free options

And the sauce packets are separate, so you can decide how much you want to use.

Enjoy!  Print your coupon here.

And yes, they are an advertiser too  but I wouldn’t tell you about it if I didn’t like it!